Service Areas

Boca Raton:

Boca Raton, a gem on Florida’s Gold Coast, brimming with highlights that captivate visitors from all walks of life. The city’s main draw is its breathtaking beaches, where pristine sands and turquoise waters beckon sun-seekers and water enthusiasts alike. Explore Red Reef Park for an unforgettable snorkeling adventure amidst vibrant marine life. Delve into the city’s cultural scene at the renowned Boca Raton Museum of Art, showcasing an impressive collection of contemporary and classic works. For a touch of history, the iconic Boca Raton Resort & Club offers a glimpse into the area’s past with its splendid architecture. Mizner Park serves as a premier destination for upscale shopping, dining, and entertainment, while Gumbo Limbo Nature Center immerses you in the wonders of the local ecosystem. In Boca Raton, there’s something for everyone, promising an enriching and enjoyable stay.


Discover the allure of Delray, a captivating coastal haven boasting a myriad of highlights to enchant every visitor. Embrace the sun-kissed beaches and gentle ocean breeze that beckon relaxation and leisure. Stroll along the vibrant Atlantic Avenue, an artsy boulevard lined with diverse shops, art galleries, and delectable dining options, offering a fusion of culture and cuisine. Immerse yourself in the town’s rich history at Old School Square, where beautifully restored buildings host year-round cultural events. For sports enthusiasts, top-notch golf courses and a range of water activities along the Intracoastal Waterway await. Whether seeking tranquility, cultural experiences, or outdoor adventures, Delray promises an unforgettable coastal escape.


Deerfield, a captivating destination offering an array of highlights to enchant every visitor. Embrace the charm of its pristine beaches, where sun and sand create the perfect backdrop for relaxation and enjoyment. Wander through the vibrant downtown area, brimming with eclectic shops, enticing eateries, and cultural experiences, providing a delightful blend of leisure and entertainment. History enthusiasts will find delight in exploring Deerfield’s historical sites and landmarks, offering insights into the town’s heritage. Sports aficionados can partake in various outdoor activities, from watersports to golfing, amidst the scenic beauty of the area. Whether seeking beachside bliss, cultural encounters, or outdoor thrills, Deerfield promises an unforgettable experience for all who visit its inviting shores.

Pompano Beach:

Pompano Beach, an enchanting coastal paradise that beckons with an array of highlights to charm every visitor. Embrace the sun-dappled beaches, where pristine sands and azure waters create an idyllic setting for relaxation and recreation. Wander along the lively beachfront promenade, offering an abundance of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, ensuring a delightful fusion of leisure and excitement. Immerse yourself in the town’s vibrant history and culture by exploring local landmarks and museums, providing captivating insights into the area’s rich heritage. Outdoor enthusiasts will revel in the plethora of watersports, fishing opportunities, and golfing amidst the breathtaking natural surroundings. Whether seeking beachside bliss, cultural exploration, or outdoor adventures, Pompano Beach guarantees an unforgettable experience for all who grace its inviting shores.


Parkland, an undiscovered treasure nestled in South Florida, offering an array of highlights to captivate visitors of every age. Embrace the city’s serene and family-oriented ambiance, providing a refreshing escape from the fast-paced city life. Immerse yourself in the abundance of verdant parks and open spaces, ideal for outdoor activities, leisurely walks, and picnics. Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the equestrian facilities and golfing opportunities available. Parkland’s top-rated schools and community events make it a perfect place for families. Explore the nearby natural wonders, including the Everglades and stunning beaches, showcasing Florida’s diverse beauty. Whether seeking tranquility, recreational pursuits, or a nurturing community, Parkland guarantees an enriching and memorable experience for all who discover this delightful city.

Coral Springs:

Coral Springs, a vibrant city in South Florida, offers an array of highlights that will enchant every visitor. Embrace the natural beauty and lush greenery, as Coral Springs is known as the “City in the Country.” Enjoy the serenity of numerous parks and recreational areas, perfect for outdoor activities, picnics, and leisurely walks. The Coral Springs Museum of Art showcases a rich collection of contemporary and traditional artworks, providing a cultural experience for art enthusiasts. Sports lovers can relish the state-of-the-art sports complexes and golf courses that cater to various interests. With top-rated schools and a strong sense of community, Coral Springs is an ideal place to raise a family. Explore the bustling shopping and dining scene, or venture to nearby beaches and Everglades for a taste of Florida’s diverse offerings. Whether seeking natural serenity, cultural enrichment, or engaging recreation, Coral Springs promises an unforgettable experience for all who visit this captivating city.

Coconut Creek:

Coconut Creek, a captivating city in South Florida, boasts an array of highlights that will enchant every visitor. Embrace the city’s lush landscapes and picturesque parks, earning it the title “The Butterfly Capital of the World.” Revel in the serenity of nature while exploring the scenic trails and outdoor recreational areas. The Seminole Casino Coconut Creek offers a vibrant entertainment hub for those seeking a thrilling night out. Art lovers will be delighted by the various galleries and cultural events held throughout the year. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the well-maintained sports complexes and golf courses catering to diverse interests. With top-rated schools and a close-knit community, Coconut Creek is a wonderful place to call home. Explore the diverse dining and shopping scene, or venture to nearby beaches and attractions for an unforgettable South Florida experience. Whether seeking natural beauty, cultural delights, or recreational pursuits, Coconut Creek promises an enriching and memorable visit for all who come to this charming city.